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56th Annual Conference

 Conference Schedule
General Sessions

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General Session I - "Washington Update"
- Date: Sunday, August 10 -- 1:30-2:30pm (Grand Ballroom-D & E)
- Description: This session will encompass an FAA update on issues such as; re-authorization, policy and procedures as well as major programs such as NextGen.
- Moderator: William Vanecek, Director of Aviation -- Buffalo Niagara International Airport & Niagara Falls International Airport.
- Speaker: Todd Hauptli, President & CEO -- American Association of Airport Executives
- Speaker: Randall Berg, A.A.,E., Chairman, Executive Committee -- American Association of Airport Executives

General Session II - "New Technologies and Innovations within the Aviation Industry"
- Date: Sunday, August 10 -- 3:30-4:30pm (Grand Ballroom D & E)
- Moderator: Chad Nixon, McFarland Johnson
- Speaker: TBD - Converting Airfield Vehicles from Fossil Fuels to Electric Power- Cost/Feasibility/Savings
- Speaker: Rick Lucas - Automated Planning Model for Niagara Falls Airport
- Speaker: Mark Sapp - Airport IT solutions Large and Small

General Session III - "Efficiencies in Running Airport Operations"
- Date: Monday, August 11 -- 8:30-9:30am (Grand Ballroom D & E)
- Moderator: Bill Calhoon C.M., Duty Manager Pittsburgh International Airport
- Speaker: Darrin Luedke Vice President, Systems Atlanta
- Speaker: FAA Eastern Region, TBD

General Session IV - "12 Month Industry Trends/What to Expect in the Short-term"
- Date: Monday, August 11 -- 10:30-11:30am (Grand Ballroom D & E)
- Moderator: TBD
- Speaker: TBD

General Session V - "Talent Management"
- Date: Tuesday, August 12-- 8:30-9:30am (Grand Ballroom D & E)
- Description: From recruiting to selecting, training, developing, retaining, promoting, and moving employees through the organization. Training to include regulatory and HR requirements to stay compliant from both a legal and regulatory aspect.
- Moderator: Grice Whiteley, Principal, Grice Group, LLC
- Speaker: TBD

General Session VI - "Update on SMS Rule Making/Panel of Airport Pilot Program Participants/Implementation Strategies"
- Date: Tuesday, August 12 -- 10:30-11:30am (Grand Ballroom D & E)
- Moderator: Paul R. McDonough, VP Engineering, Rhode Island Airport Corp.
- Speaker: TBD

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